Sometimes, we oftenly feel the one little thing called sickness. They came from anywhere, we can’t do anythung to resist them. And, after finally caught it, we need something to release the pain, which is medicine. For Indonesian people, we prefer to use the natural ones that available all around us.

In Indonesia, there are so many kinds of medical plant that an be use to make the sickness go away. Even in here, we made some plants that called as TOGa, Tanaman Obat Keluarga, which means the Family’s Medicinal Plant that contains a lot of herbs that have some benefits for the body. And those plants are included in our list of 20 Indonesian Medicinal Plant, below :

1. Caraway Leaves

As the first medicinal plant we have on our list, Caraway Leaves are indeed another best  natural medicine that you can find even in your area. It’s growing rappidly in some terrains like gardens or rice fields, even though the size of Caraway leaves are so small.

Caraway Leaves can be used to release head pain, curing your stomach ache, and the other good benfits that really good for the newly mom. Beside those, they can also be processed to increase the metabolism of the body, for the mom and for the baby of course, by consuming the breast milk.

2. Mahogany Seeds

You heard this name o Magony somewhere, right? The tress are mainly used for the furnitures like tables, chairs, or maybe for the home walls. But, beside the useful tree, there’s something way better that we can pick from it so easily, the Mahogany seeds.

The seed has the big size of seed, not like the ordinary tree seeds out there. The Mahogany seeds can be processed to become some powder that has some benefits of curing rheumatism, and can be the magical powder to increase your appetite.

3. Patah Tulang (Eupharbia tirucalli L.)

The name of it means the broken bones. Evn though that’s a bi scary name for a plant, this herb has the special benefits to treat, of course, the broken bones. It can be a perfect medicine to cure that. It’s a common tradition to use some Patah Tulang plant to cure the broken parts of the body.

But beside treating the broken bones, this unique plantation that has that long parts that resembling bones in our body has some other great benefits, like curing the tooth ache, the skin problems, and even can be used as a medicine for cancer. Better consult to the experts first to study the way to process it, because there’s poison in its sap.

4. Dragon Silk Leaves

You don’t have to bring the seven balls to summon the dragon, for ask him to cure your illness. Wit this Dragon silk plant, you can have the same experience of curing sickness. This Dragon Silk leaves are actually parasites, that always hop on the other plant.

But, with the proper processing, those dragon silks can be processed into a medicine that can cure some illness like rheumatism, bleeding, breast cancer,and stomach ache. Remembering that this plant can cure cancer, it’s a better thing to learn about how to process it into medicine starting from now.

5. Ceker Ayam (Chicken Foot) Leaves

If you really confuse with this one, this is a plant, not a mutant combination between chicken leg and leaves. This Ceker Ayam plant is so easy to find in Indonesia, especially on some house parts like house garden and fence.

The form of it is also pretty unique, almost the same like the other flower, Putri Malu. But these leaves are more firm, and also have some other good benefits like curing cough, gonorrhea, broken bones, bronchitis, and even lung cancer.

6. Parasites Leaves

These Parasites leaves are often called as Benalu by people of Indonesia. This Benalu is always removed from the other plants, and always thrown away just like that. But not many know about its secrets, the thousand benefits that can be found within the Benalu Leaves.

Because of the nutrition contains inside it, even though came from the other plants, the Benalu Leaves can be considered as one of the best Indonesian medicinal plant that has benefits of curing back ache, tumour, and some problems in intestines.

7. Brotowali

Some pople of Indonesia knew this plant thanks to the history of Borobudur Temple. There’s one character who found this plant and tried to taste it. Well, it’s really bitter. That’s why,many people avoid it, but they will waste the chance to get the useful medicine.

For example, even though this Brotowali taste really bad and bitter, it contains a lot if benefits like curing rheumatism, fever, malaria, and even diabetes. There are also some skin diseases that can be treated with this plant.

8. Cempaka Putih

Next one is Cempaka Putih. This plant has some names, like Kantil. Many love this one because of its aroma that can be used as natural perfume. The flower of is usually used for the ceremonies that held in many villages, like in the area of Bali.

Beside the usage as natural perfuma, this Cempaka Putih flower also has several benefits that always good for our body, like curing the serious vertigo, a simple head ache, and caugh. This floweralso has some beauty benefits to make your body smells good, naturally.

9. Kenop Flower

As an photo objects, this flower is actually famous because of its form, the purple little flower on top of a tall green grass. Not only used to make the backgrounf of photoes more better, this flower also has some health benefits that worth noticing.

The benefits of this Kenop Flower are some diseases related to eyes like red eyes. Also, this flower can be used as a natural medicine for curing fever, head ache, and also helping for getting rid of bad dreams.

10. Ciplukan

And then, on the 10th plant on our list of Indonesian medicinal plants, we got this Ciplukan for you. This fruits is actually everyone’s favorite, especially for those who born in the nineties. In th old days, we used to hunt some of them purposedly, it’s a good thing to eat during the hot sunny day.

And now, we realize that we can use some of Ciplukan as medicines, not only for snack. The reason is, there are actually a lot of good benefits that hidden in the Ciplukan. For example, ths fruit can be used to treat asthma, preventing breast cancer, and lung diseases.

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